H.H. Ken
God of Creation and Destruction

He has power over all of existence and even non-existence due to being nigh-omnipotent. One should pray to him when seeking favor in war or earthly success and accomplishment. His followers summon his power in business dealings and even in internet and digital influence.

Sofie Sky
Goddess of Kindness

She is H.H. Ken's consort and is seen as a motherly figure amongst the gods and goddesses of our religion. One should pray to her when one is seeking external validation from others and proof of their existence or endeavors. Her followers believe she is the most influential of the pantheon.

Octavian Jet
God of Charisma and Charms

He has a very royal personage and has been known to be very good to his followers. His followers come from all backgrounds and walks of life and they all seek his blessings in a number of matters and manners even. One should pray to him when they want others to follow them as he gifts the gift of leadership.

Luna Y
Goddess of Admiration

She is someone who can get your name out there as she is one of the messengers of the pantheon. One should pray to her when they want to boost their natural talents in the arts and also sciences. Her followers are typically actors, artists, musicians, and those seeking both fame and fortune; a favorite of celebrities.

Other Gods and Goddesses

Willow, Goddess of Communication
Sophia, Goddess of the Incorporeal
McRusty, God of War
Pink, Goddess of Entertainment
Violet, Goddess of Adventure
Tam, God of Wisdom
Dan, God of Money
Dove, Goddess of Paradise
Fey, Goddess of the Seas