Long ago in a distant galaxy there existed a Technocracy republic that maintained hundreds of planets under its rule. It wielded advanced technologies such as hyperspace drives and artificial intelligence warriors with high powered plasma rifles. But not all was well in the Technocracy... for corruption was rampant with its councilors, each elected locally among the former 8 zones, known as the pantheon of gods and goddesses bickered with one another, each vying for power underneath the sky father. At this time, the most powerful among the pantheon (councilors) were Ken, Dan, and Fey.

The three of them formed a triumvirate which was set to last for several centuries as they had gained immortality through their technologies. These are some of the more significant events in the history of the Technocracy:

42000 Astra Millennia Calendar - The councilors were given audience with Sky-father Ken of the Councilors who just declared that the Triumvirate of Ken, Dan, and Fey would be eternal. At the meeting Willow threatened to kill herself, but the triumvirate proposal held firm. It was then that Willow declared open rebellion.